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Programme Development post for a Practitioner (Artist/Creative Technologist) ⁄⁄

Date: Wednesday 16th Sept 2009

bloc is seeking applications for a Programme Development post for a Practitioner (Artist/Creative Technologist). The post lasts for a period of 10 months, starting October 2009. The post holder will promote technology across all artforms in Wales and lead on the development of three commissioning projects for bloc’s programme of work in 2010 and 2011 as well as participate in bloc’s current programme of work.

The post-holder will be an artist/creative technologist applying their knowledge and understanding as a practitioner to generate new opportunities for practitioners in the form of commissions.

Salary: £8,000 on a freelance basis
Location: Flexible (bloc Main Office, Chapter, Cardiff)

For more information and how to apply, please visit go to

Please note the short deadline for this post – all applications must be received by Wednesday 16th September.


The post-holder will lead on and participate in the following as part of their post.

1. Commissioning Projects: Lead on preparing and presenting research (Dec 2009) to the bloc’s board on the potential to develop three commissioning projects in order to further bloc’s programme of work. The research will include budgets, potential partners, and funding streams, recommendations and an action plan. In order to identify potential commissioning projects, partners and type of support for commissioning projects, the post-holder will develop and deliver at least three participatory workshops for potential project partners and constituents during Autumn 2010.

2. ACW Mainline Application (Spring 2010): Lead on bloc’s annual application to ACW for Programme Development funds and secure additional support from other funding streams.

3. Staffing: Participate in the development of May You live in Interesting Times, Festival of Creative Technology, Cardiff, 22-24 October 2009 during October, be present at festival as staff (activities to be confirmed) and participate in festival events.

For further details on bloc’s strategic aims and information on the post please see below.

Outline on Post: The post holder will contribute to the strategic overview of the organisation and build on bloc’s current successful work towards longer-term initiatives. They will have responsibility for advocacy for the creative technology sector on both a national and international level and develop an understanding and shared vision with other organisations in Wales. They will, along with the second post of ‘Developer – Online’, aim to offer fresh direction for the organisation’s presence during its future 10 years of work. This post is given on a freelance basis due to funding. However, it is hoped that the post holder will envisage an extended relationship with the organisation. The new base in Cardiff reflects the need for bloc to network with many organisations and enterprises based in Wales` Capital. For more information on post including Person Specification and Key Performance Indicators please see below.

Outline on bloc: bloc is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new base hosted by Chapter, Cardiff. The organisation is re-envisioning itself with an emphasis as an artist-led organisation whilst strengthening, across all artforms, an engagement with the creative uses of technology in Wales, and generating new work through commissioning and research. bloc has responded to the concentrated uptake of technologies in the production and presentation in all artforms during the last 5 years ´ the organisation now needs to formalise its role in conveying emerging technologies and trends to a broader constituency. As engagement with technology evolves, bloc recognises the need for the organisation to continue to offer specialist knowledge and leadership in creative technology.

bloc will maintain key partnerships developed to date as part of northern bloc, southern bloc and eastern bloc in addition to its core relationships with the public sector arts organisations and business development. bloc will continue to position Wales’ creative technology sector at the forefront of international developments in the field whilst focussing on positioning itself with other key partners in Europe.

bloc will continue to operate as a source of information and professional development, and to strengthen its online network with online advocacy and advice. Through its on and offline network, the organisation will extend routes for facilitating exchange and partnership between business and industry, science and technology, education and all creative practices within Wales.

Deadline: 12am, Wednesday 16 Sept 2009
Notification: Thursday 17 Sept 2009
Interviews: Monday 21 Sept 2009, Cardiff

To apply: email CV and covering letter addressing the particular points of experience outlined in the job to

For further information: contact the office via email:

Area: southern bloc