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YOU MAY FUND – a creative technology award open to artists based in Wales ⁄⁄

Date: Deadline: Monday May 30th 2005. Shortlisted artists will be notified by Wednesday 2nd June and interviewed on Monday 6th June 2005 in Cardiff.
Partner: The festival is being developed between bloc and Chapter. |
Partner: |

The YOU MAY FUND enables artists based in Wales to complete and present works to be shown at MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES, Cardiff festival of creative technology ´ 28th to 30th October 2005. The fund is open to all artists, or group of artists, living and working in Wales.


MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES is Cardiff’s inaugural festival of creative technology – a three-day programme of events being held across the capital. The festival is being developed between bloc and Chapter.

Festival theme: Artists are increasingly engaged with or inspired by digital technology – exploring consumer and communication technologies such as the worldwide web, mobile networks, file sharing, and computer gaming. Because digital technology is a participatory medium with global reach, artists tend to explore digital technology in the context of public and shared spheres. Often digital art is situated somewhere between public art – albeit in a dematerialised form – and street culture where the technology itself is used as a ‘site’ for the production and presentation of art works. Although digital technology is often claimed to go beyond physical limitations, engagement with technology is always embedded in, or grounded in, real spaces and places whether this is explored from a user or network perspective.

YOU MAY FUND: A one-off contribution of up to £1,000 per application to support the production and presentation of work/or artist fee for works that address the festival theme. The festival will consider funding up to £2,500 in exceptional circumstances. If you are considering applying for more than £1,000, please contact the festival prior to application:

All applicants need to submit an outline and budget breakdown on the form provided and visual material (CD-ROM, URL, video/DVD, slides). To download the form please see below. The festival will cover the cost of travelling to interview.

The festival You May Fund is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff 2005 and the Millennium Commission.

Area: all wales