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May You Live in Interesting Times ⁄⁄

Date: 22-24 October 2009
Partner: bloc: Creative Technology Wales |
Partner: Chapter |

Technology is now firmly placed in the everyday. In response to this, the Festival will look at ‘do-it-yourself’ through a range of commissions, projects, exhibitions, discussions and artist-led events across all art forms.

The three-day programme is a celebration of the latest intriguing uses of everyday technology and social innovation, enabled through shared ideas.

The Festival Diary and Map contains details of all events, exhibitions, screenings and much more. Download the diary at:

To keep up to date with the programme, you can sign up to the festival e-list (, or keep track of the latest news through Facebook ( and Twitter (


Participation is now the driving force behind much digital content. Practitioners and programmers have led the way in developing reliable open source systems and products that are accessible to all. This now means that individuals and small groups can work together towards what is known as ‘collaborative knowledge development’.

Mass-technology has enabled individuals and groups to transmit, become connected and share information. Developed in relation to Cardiff, the festival will focus on works that draw on available technology and existing networks that are used day-to-day by both local and global communities.

This year, as in 2005, we are working with a range of artists, professionals and industry specialists to deliver a diverse programme of activity across the city.

Details about all the festivals participants can be found by visiting the `Programme` section of the festival website –

Highlights include:

Alfred Sirleaf, Eddo Stern, Ghana Think Tank, Maker Faire, The People Speak, Unconference, You May Fund Commissions

May You Live in Interesting Times, Festival of Creative Technology, Cardiff is a partnership between bloc: Creative Technology Wales and Chapter. The 2009 festival programme has been developed in collaboration with British Council, 4iP, Ffotogallery, and Wales Arts International.

The festival has been further supported by the following: Arts Council of Wales, @Wales, National Museum and Galleries Wales, Safle, Academi, G39/WARP, University of Glamorgan, University of Wales, Newport and UnLtd.

Area: southern bloc