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Maker Faire ⁄⁄

Date: 23-24 Oct 2009
Time: 11am – 4pm

This event forms part of May You Live in Interesting Times, Festival of Creative Technology, Cardiff, which runs from 22-24 Oct 2009. For a full programme of activities visit the festival website:
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Along the lines of Dorkbot, Makers and Hackers, Folksy, Craft Mafia, Howduino, Oomlout and other get-together events for technical doers, the festival is preparing Wales’ first public event for DIY enthusiasts with a taste for the technical. Individuals and collectives will come together to demonstrate their homebrew technical concoctions. This event is part village fete and part hands-on workshop ´ be prepared to be surprised and engaged and go home inspired.

A family-friendly event where you can make with makers who will share how they do what they do over a two-day period. There will be gizmos for sale and you may need to pay for price of parts if you would like to make-your-own during the faire.


The lineup includes:

– Carolyn Ryves: Bicycle Powered Smoothie Maker
– Chipboard Project: Mobile Laptop Stations
– Dorkbot Bristol
– Ele Carpenter: Many:Many Project
– Kathy Hinde: Music Box Mapping
– The Amazing Rolo: Wii Loop Machine
– Yarn and Yarn

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