bloc // January 2, 2000

Time-Space Compression ⁄⁄

Date: March 1999
Venue:Chapter Arts Centre
Partner: Chapter Arts Centre |
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Technological developments in transport and communication accelerate the speed at which we physically manoeuvre and exchange information across space.


The compression of time in relation to space has psychological and social effects, one of which is termed `time-space compression` and is increasingly cited as the predominant characteristic of the modern age.

The visual and perceptual implications of acceleration appear to dominate concerns within contemporary art work. This day seminar aims to trace time-space compression as historically referred to in the fine arts and by doing so identify whether this emergence signals a reoccurring artistic mode or a fresh concern brought about by the availability of technological media.

The temporal and spatial, when referenced through the media of photography and film, visualise the paradox of motion and stasis. This seminar will explore this paradox in the light of time-space compression.


Jeremy Millar | Artist and Programme Organiser at The Photographers` Gallery, London.

Michael Punt | Artist and writer

Celia Lury | Lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London

Jane Grant |