bloc // April 14, 2011

Stefhan Caddick ⁄⁄

Stefhan Caddick is a visual artist based in Wales. His work is often multidisciplinary, encompassing visual art, new media and elements of performance.

His work sometimes takes the form of manoeuvres; strategies or methodologies which result in an action, installation, or other form of presentation; erecting a discontinued electronic road sign in the middle of Cardiff and asking the public to send their text messages to it; attempting to make and use a pair of skiis with no knowledge of woodwork (or skiing); recording a second of sound every minute for three hours in an attempt to produce a 7″ single; or cycling 250 miles during a cold February in Wales, avoiding main roads and asking passers-by for hand-drawn directions.

Stefhan has also had a varied career in the arts in Wales, including roles such as Development Officer for Cultural Enterprise, a business support service for Wales-based creative industries and more recently, Project Manager for bloc: Creative Technology Wales, a role which involved the programming and delivery of professional development events and sector-specific research across North Wales.

The third strand of Stefhan’s work is as a designer working in print and on the web. Here he has worked for most of Wales’ arts organisations and many of its artists, designing everything from catalogues and monographs to blogs and online portfolios.

Stefhan lives in the Brecon Beacons with his partner and children.