bloc // April 14, 2011

Carolina Vasquez ⁄⁄

Carolina Vasquez is a multi-media artist. Her work takes upon the form of experimental photography, stop motion animation, video, sound, and drawing. Her fascination with people, their backgrounds and their personal stories, have always played a large role in her work.

Current exhibitions include Giatrakou 28 at the 2nd Athens Biennial, Set to Manual at the Girl’s Collection, Screwed Anthologies at Labotanica, the Zizkov International Photography Festival in Prague, and James Taylor Gallery in London.

Her work is published in Caribbean Art and Visual Culture, Sala Rekalde Art Space Publication, and Low Lives Publication. As part of the Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator she filmed and edited the documentation of the 1st International Artist Biennial in the Bahamas (2006) and the 2nd International Artist Biennial in St Maarten (2008).

She leads stop motion animation workshops with Creative Partnerships and has led various others including the Glynn Vivian Gallery, and Galeri, Caernarfon. She is the technical Director of the new online drama series, Hatty Rainbow. She made the background video for The City at Sherman Cymru and is currently working with Mess Up the Mess as video artist for Streic 25. She has worked with CBBC on stop motion animations series OOglies.

Carolina graduated from the MFA in Media, Slade School of Fine Art and from the BFA in Studio Art, Florida State University.

In October 2009, she joined bloc: Creative Technology Wales as the Programme Developer.