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bloc    October 31, 2015

Wild Hack Walk

Presented by bloc in association with The Lab Haverfordwest. bloc brought together an amazingly diverse group of 35 people from the fields of art, technology and the outdoors for our first ever Wild Hack on Saturday 24th October. Wild Hack Haverfordwest was established to kick start bloc’s concept of Wild Technology (inspiring people to get [...]

bloc    September 23, 2015


Saturday 24th October 10am – 4pm At The Lab, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Haverfordwest has lots of beautiful natural spaces right on its doorstep. Wild Hack Haverfordwest is a gathering of makers, artists, diy and technology enthusiasts, computer programmers, wild folk, sea farers, ramblers, children, local residents and adventurous people. Everyone will work together to invent new [...]

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   May 26, 2019

The cynicism and alienation of the very first flowering of Modernist literature couldn’t persist. To get the standard of manager you want, you will have to pay well. Promoting research that we’ve studied is the main focus of this site. Hence you could also receive elite l side if you would like to cravenness your [...]


All About Physics Theories Thus, inflation was a portion of the huge bang theory. Actually, it doesn’t have to. After all, it’s possible to imagine a large number of feasible non-scientific explanations for nearly every observation. It might be closely related but slightly different and more challenging to discover, Skinner explained. But critics question the [...]