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VIDA 14.0 Art and Artificial Life International Awards

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VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards begun in 1999 by Fundación Telefónica, was created with the mission of supporting creative endeavours in this singular field by rewarding the pioneering efforts of artists. We are now pleased to announce the launch of the VIDA 14.0, which for the last 14 years have been rewarding artistic projects developed with technological media that offer innovative insights into the study of artificial life.

At a time when the concept of life finds itself once again in uncharted territory, a wide range of artistic initiatives attempt to illustrate and explore this phenomenon, examining its impact on our collective consciousness and how it affects the cultural, technological and social mindset.

Over the past decade, VIDA has welcomed a variety of interdisciplinary projects that respond to this situation and brought them together in a single forum. Using formal strategies that push the boundaries between existing practices, these projects offer new perspectives that force us to reconsider our pre-existing notions of life and artificial life.

What types of projects receive a VIDA 14.0?
The VIDA Award is granted to artistic creations developed using artificial life technology. Among the projects submitted to VIDA, the artists’ ties to this theme and their choice of media are very diverse. Throughout its history, the competition has welcomed proposals that challenge the boundary between living and non-living, between natural and synthetic, either by juxtaposing both realities or by creating overlapping spaces for reflection.
The winning projects include robotic systems, immersive installations, online video games, autonomous self-organising devices and evolutionary indicators. Another common characteristic of past winners is the use of interactive and immersive installations—a response to today’s environment of technological entities—which attempt to communicate with visitors by making them part of the system. Chimerical devices that combine natural and artificial elements, telepresence systems, network structures that operate as artificial intelligences, invasive dynamics of increasing complexity and acumen—these are just some of the themes addressed by the artists who participate in VIDA. From the very first edition to the present day, we have rewarded artists who have applied traditional artificial life technologies to their work, such as cellular automata, autonomous agents, neural networks, robotics, interactive systems, virtual ecologies and evolving software. What all of these projects have in common is that they involve emergent behaviours which grow more sophisticated over time, react with their environment and seem to show signs of autonomous life.
In recent years we have observed an increasing hybridisation of media and formats among the projects submitted to VIDA, which has led us to advocate the category’s expansion in order to trace the evolution of this field. The competition has gradually extended its scope, maintaining its interest in projects that involve conventional artificial life research while also venturing into new, cutting-edge territories such as life sciences and environmental sciences. In short, we could say that VIDA rewards artistic projects that are related to any dynamic life process affected by simulation.

As in previous years, contestants are invited to submit proposals in one of two categories:
In this category, Vida 14.0 rewards artistic artificial life projects developed after the year 2010. A total of 40,000 euros will be divided among the three winning projects chosen by the jury: First Prize: 18,000 euros; Second Prize: 14,000 euros; Third Prize: 8,000 euros. Seven honorary mentions will also be awarded to projects chosen by the jury from among the finalists.
In this category, Vida 14.0 helps to finance artistic artificial life projects that have not yet been produced. It is reserved for artists who are citizens or residents of any country in Latin America, Spain or Portugal. This category is also endowed with 40,000 euros to be divided among the selected projects.
Project submissions must be submitted before midnight (Central European Time) on 30th July 2012.

Submitted projects will be reviewed by an international jury consisting of Mónica Bello (Spain), Jens Hauser (France), Martin Kaltenbrunner (Austria), Karla Jasso (Mexico), Sally Jane Norman (New Zealand/France), Nell Tenhaaf (Canada) and Francisco Serrano, Executive Director of Fundación Telefónica.
You can find the competition guidelines and the participation form at
If you have any questions about the competition, please refer to the FAQ section. You may also contact us by sending an email to


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The mother is holding the performance space and her child within it and through this deconstructing the dimensions of conscious performance.

Art formed by either construction or observation (the ‘non-art’)

This work presents a kinaesthetic relationship between mother and son, as he grows from baby to toddler. It presents intimate and detailed performances of their sensing of reality. The dynamic of presence moves from everyday interactions to abstract movement.

Authenticity is a thread through the process, from the ‘filming by the filmed’, simply pressing the on and off button, to the durational nature of the ‘anthropological’ like encounters. The toddler falls asleep after a tantrum, the two figures go in and out of shot, and sounds are heard from the baby out of view.  The artist uses ‘Authentic Movement’ technique as a launching pad for situational happenings. This facilitates the subject of the pre-spoken/written language experiencing of the baby and his environment.

The accompanying drawings are by Isaac made at the same ages as the films give a window into his perception of time and space as well as his motor skills at the time.


Floor 5, TY BRYN GLAS Campus

Ty Bryn Glas, High Street, Swansea, West Glamorgan, SA1 1PW

Ty Bryn Glas campus on Swansea’s High Street. It is a couple of minutes walk from the Dynevor Centre, (Former Land registry building)

For full catalogue see


Analogue Web Portal : Live Launch

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Real Institute launches its groundbreaking web service with a special interactive performance. Working with a team of specially trained experts, two pencils, a large booth and some pointy arrows, we will enable you to visit the now legendary INTERNET in Real Time via our specially developed Analogue Web Portal.

Some day all internet access will be made this way.

• Fri 22 June 11am – 4pm
• Sat 23 June 11am – 1pm (followed by talk).

• The artists and Oriel Davies team will be holding an open conversation after the performance on Saturday 23rd at 1pm

• This event is free, it is delivered in partnership with Axis and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales. Check: where related things will happen online.

Facebook Page


Opening the Shutters

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Opening the Shutters

Stories through the Camera Lens

CARAD is looking for innovative artist/photographers from Powys to take part in the Autumn Exhibition (October 26th 2012 for 4/6 weeks) in its Rhayader Museum Gallery.

“OPENING THE SHUTTERS- Stories Through the Camera Lens will be an exhibition which aims to think of photography in its widest sense and to reflect upon the nostalgic notion of capturing a photograph OPENING THE SHUTTERS – be it with photographic film, pinhole photography, photograms, digital or by your mobile phone, to record our lives and Stories Through the Camera Lens.

Up to 5 artists who use the medium of photography in any form will be invited to show work in the Gallery and to engage with groups and individuals from the community to work with themes of memory, the passage of time, the process of making images.

Community involvement is key to all of CARAD’s work and it is intended that the exhibition will evolve during the course of its life to incorporate work made by these groups and offer opportunities for visitors to respond to it.

If you are interested in taking part, either as an exhibitor or by providing a workshop, please submit an application to CARAD

Your ‘submission of interest’ should include : -

  • ·         A short description of your work and how you feel you might respond to the exhibition themes. Please indicate whether your work will be 2D or an installation
  • ·         An indication of your experience of community engagement (to include references) and preferably confirmation of a valid CRB.
  • ·         Images proposed work for exhibition (between 3 – 8  images)

It would be helpful to have information about the nature and size of any proposed installations and costs involved in mounting or construction.

Applications can be either on disc or hard copy but if you wish to have your images returned please enclose a sae envelope. (Please do not send originals) Carad, East Street, Rhayader, Powys LD6 5ER .


The deadline for applications is June 29th 2012.

Participants will be selected by the CARAD Exhibition Steering Group.

Any questions please contact Sheree 07828419370 Mary 07867863310


Masters programmes available in Film and Media

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Call for applications to Masters courses in Moving Image and Film Producing for September 2012

The Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries offers a suite of Masters programmes across the areas of Film, Media, Design, Music and Drama.

All courses have been developed through our close links with industry and a number are accredited by professional bodies including the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) and the Skillset Media Academy. All students on our Postgraduate awards can also take part in the Learning Through Employment Framework, which is a University of Glamorgan initiative offering students who are already in employment, the opportunity to gain credits towards a postgraduate qualification in the workplace.

We are currently inviting applications for our awards starting in September 2012, including our MA Moving Image and MA Film Producing.

MA Moving Image – This Masters award offers a strong critical and interdisciplinary context for advanced study in the field of moving image. Creativity, experimentation and innovation are encouraged by studying diverse forms of moving image production, including video art, installation art, multimedia, experimental film, documentary, drama, interactive media, performance, mobile and pervasive media. The course provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their personal practice through the exploration of new forms, contexts and discourse.

With both full-time and part-time study modes the course is ideal for flexible postgraduate study for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

MA Film Producing – This course develops a thorough understanding of the producer’s role in relation to business, financial and legal expertise, as well as fostering the critical and evaluative skills you need to develop and engage with talent.

If you work freelance, in a media production company, or want to set up your own creative business, this film producing course will develop your skills and subject knowledge to the high level required to succeed.

Both courses are delivered at our state-of-the-art ATRiuM campus in Cardiff. This £35million purpose built facility offers the very latest equipment needed to produce the next generation of professionals for the creative and cultural industries, including a HDTV studio, cinema and several sound recording studios.


Application period: 14th June to 14th September 2011
Apply at:
For more information book onto an open evening


The Community Complex, A Post-Media Lab conference

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Friday, 22 June 2012, 13:00-20:00
Venue: Denkerei, Oranienplatz 2, 10999 Berlin 

Whether you want to have something to do with the community industry or
not, it has something to do with you. Through its burgeoning expansion,
our forms of relating, caring, communicating and collaborating, are being
transformed, enclosed, templated and put to work. The most affective
components of network culture are rapidly being engineered into product.
Just as virtual space is augmented, real space becomes ever more
virtualised, securitised and impoverished. The rise of the
network-assembled community has coincided with a radical disinvestment of
national and municipal communities in the age of austerity. As services
are withdrawn, the community itself is enjoined to step into the breach.
Community, in the era of networked neoliberalism, has become both a
target of governance as well as of business.

Beyond the commercial drive which is connecting people apart,
communities of difference are also flourishing in the post-internet age.
Reimagining community is not just the preserve of belligerent nationalisms
and Web 2.0 but also a long-standing activity of alternative, artistic and
political cultures responses to commercialisation and industrialisation,
from the 17th century puritans and diggers, the artist communes of the
19th century, through to the political squatter scenes of post-68
generation, the hacklabs of the past years and new movements such as
Anonymous. The Community Complex will ask how normative forms of sociality
and identification are not only produced but also challenged in todays
mashup of the virtual and real, free and waged labour, computational and
affectual, real-time and bio-time, as well as minor and molar imaginings
of connection. To achieve this we bring together different perspectives
and experiences of critically engaging with the new realities of
mediatised community and its reimagination.

Participants: Johannes Paul Raether (Basso), McKenzie Wark (The New
School, New York), Nishant Shah (Centre for Internet & Society,
Bangalore), Marcell Mars (MaMa, Zagreb), Tatiana Bazzichelli
(transmediale/reSource), Clemens Caspar Mierau (Spackeria/c-base), Pod
(CiTiZEN KiNO/XLterrestrials, Berlin/San Francisco), Graswurzel TV
(Lneburg), foebud e.v. (Bielefeld), Tactical Technology Collective
(Berlin and Bangalore), Freifunk (Berlin).

13:00-15:00 / Workshop I: Practice
15:00-15:30 / Pause
15:30-17:30 / Workshop II: Privacy
18:00-20:00 / Evening Panel

After conference event: Performative screening – XLterrestrials and
PML-present: CiTiZEN KiNO (#16): Technotopia / Dystopia : A Social
Garden-i-fication Is Elsewhere!

Venue: c-base, Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin
23 June

Live Stream/Media Lounge: �From Waste to Resource. Recovering Sustainable

Venue: Kulinarisches Kollektiv, Berlin. 17:00-20:00

Event booking (free) �

KOSMICA at The Arts Catalyst

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Wednesday 20 June 2012, 7-9pm

June’s KOSMICA - the Microgravity Sessions will feature exclusively speakers who have floated in the air in zero gravity. We can guarantee that all participants have undergone at least 10 parabolas in a diving aircraft! Previously a resource solely available to trainee astronauts and scientists, pioneers Kitsou Dubois and Dragan Zivadinov opened the way in the 90s to artists flying in microgravity, and following a flight by The Arts Catalyst’s curator Rob La Frenais with Zivadinov in 1999, over 50 artists and scientists flew in The Arts Catalyst’s microgravity campaigns in Star City, Russia.


Presentations about microgravity experiences will include talks by:

  • Kevin Fong medical doctor, researcher in Space Medicine and Extreme Environments and presenter of the BBC’s To Boldly Go
  • Louise K. Wilson, who researched motion sickness in Star City and whose work was recently featured a Tate publication.
  • Edward George and Anna Piva (Flow Motion) who composed soundworks recorded in Zero Gravity.
  • Lyn Hagen, who, with flight director and artist Marko Peljhan, organised the most recent artists’ flight at Star City.

The evening will be introduced by Nicola Triscott and Rob La Frenais, director and curator of The Arts Catalyst who have both enjoyed flying in Zero G in their own special ways…


KOSMICA is a free event, but space is limited so please book online today.

The event will be held on the first floor and there is no lift; please contact The Arts Catalyst to discuss any specific access needs.


Connecting People Apart

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Connecting People Apart. A Post-Media Lab event series, Lüneburg/Berlin, June


Programme: Connecting People Apart

Events booking (free) – Contact

PDF flyer

20 June
Opening presentation – ‘Talk to Me’ with Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits (RIXC) with a contribution by Nishant Shah (Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore). Reception and drinks.

Venue: Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg. 19:30-22:00
Event booking (free)
21 June
What Would the Community Say? – A public consultation on regional sustainability and participation projects with Nishant Shah (Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore) in cooperation with DialogN.

Venue: Freiraum, Lüneburg. 13:00-15:00
Event booking (free)
McKenzie Wark book launch and presentation, The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International.

Venue: b-books, Berlin. 21:00-23:00
Event booking (free)

22 June
The Community Complex, A Post-Media Lab conference

Participants: Johannes Paul Raether (Basso), McKenzie Wark (The New School, New York), Nishant Shah (Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore), Marcell Mars (MaMa, Zagreb), Tatiana Bazzichelli (transmediale/reSource), Clemens Caspar Mierau (Spackeria/c-base), Pod (CiTiZEN KiNO/XLterrestrials, Berlin/San Francisco), Graswurzel TV, foebud e.v. (Bielefeld), Tactical Technology Collective (Berlin and Bangalore), Freifunk (Berlin).

Venue: Denkerei, Berlin. 13:00-20:00
Event booking (free)
After conference event: Performative screening - CiTiZEN KiNO (#16): Technotopia / Dystopia : A Social Garden-i-fication Is Elsewhere!

Venue: c-base, Berlin. 22:00
Event booking (free)

23 June

Live Stream/Media Lounge: From Waste to Resource. Recovering Sustainable Attitudes

Venue: Kulinarisches Kollektiv, Berlin. 17:00-20:00
Event booking (free)

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by Rob

Daniel Meadows Early Photographic Works

12:59 pm in Exhibition by Rob

In the early 1970s Daniel Meadows embarked on a journey to create a social snapshot of Britain, breaking with photography tradition and infusing the medium with new energies and ways of seeing. Meadows’ resulting work displays complexity and passion and confers a personal and sometimes deeply autobiographical imprint. This exhibition and the accompanying Photoworks publication is the product of research by Professor Val Williams as part of an ongoing study into British photography of 1970s and 1980s at the University of the Arts, London. Together Val Williams and Daniel Meadows have brought to light the photographer’s incredible archive of prints and negatives, along with ephemera and audio recordings. They have unearthed unpublished and sometimes forgotten treasures which add to a dramatic, moving and empathetic depiction of a recognisable, yet increasingly alien era.

The project is a partnership between Ffotogallery, the National Media Museum, Birmingham Central Libraries, Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), University of the Arts London and Photoworks UK.
Ffotogallery, Turner House, Plymouth Rd, Penarth, CF64 3DH


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Ever wanted to create a game for Android or IOS but don’t want to do any coding? If so then you should check out GameSalad!

Designed for designers.

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